From Stone

Compositions on top of collaborations, enclosed with explosive and exquisite lyrics, but what good are they to me if no one else gets to hear it? Mangled journals of merely wandering… some delicate and some enraged, leaving encryptions of my spirit on countless letters, but you were not meant to understand every page… I enrage only in truth, standing on choices that I’ve made my own, there is no other to take the blame, from the circumstances in which I have grown for they are from Stone!!! Still I thrive for something greater, seeking that of which I have yet to touch, deepened desires my passions for poetry, burning and blazing and powering of such…. So much I have yet to express, the possibilities lay dead ahead so endlessly creating infinite explorations of adventurous desires….I suppose when I have peeked I may muster the courage to finally send this….Enjoying simple victories, for they are mine alone, like the Phoenix who arose from the ashes, sweet glories they are mine all alone and THEY ARE FROM STONE!!!💓 from Stone


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