Eternally yours 💘

Even when we’re miles apart, I long to share your space, I can smell you on my pillow, I close my eyes and envision your face…. Sometimes alone, yet resting in confidence, to think that we pray under the same moons and stars, your love dwells in my spirit, so in actuality, you really aren’t so far.. pumping like a pulse, your ora is empathic inspiration, appreciative for the peace you lend me, as my heart beats only dedication. .. You push me to achieve, everything in which I believe, not only are you just my lover, but my truest friend indeed… I’m engaged, arroussed and oh so complete, because of the power you taught me to seek, truly a soul mate you are, giving me the upmost of strength if I should grow weak.. . So if tomorrow never comes, our sweet connection has been that of poetry, loving you over every obstacle, this exotic chemistry has been like that of swiveling floetry.. here I am….. ETERNALLY YOURS 💘


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